Jun 1, 2021

Next track sessions at unusual hours

The Circuit Paul Ricard's Management lists here the track sessions at unusual hours on the main track.

2021 season:

May 19 & 20 : until 20h00

May 21: until 22h00 (Sunday Ride Classic)
May 22: until midnight (Sunday Ride Classic)

May 28: until 22h10 (Fanatec GT World Challenge)
May 29: until midnight (Fanatec GT World Challenge)

May 31: 18h00-3h00
June 1: 19h00-3h00

June 11: 8h00-20h45 (French Historic Grand Prix)
June 12: 8h20-19h55 (French Historic Grand Prix)
June 13: 9h15-18h15 (French Historic Grand Prix)

July 14: until 22h

A control with sonometer will be done according to the reglementation.