Jul 1, 2019

French Formula 1 Grand Prix: Great weekend for Le Castellet International Airport’s business

With more than 85 aircraft movements, 120 helicopter rotations, 53 helicopter first flights and more than 700 passengers, Le Castellet International Airport knew in important activity during the French Formula 1 Grand Prix from June 21st to 23rd.

In addition to the management of commercial traffic, Le Castellet International Airport’s team also coordinated particular aerial activities before the start of the Grand Prix: the jetman Franky Zapata who flew above the fans, the RAFALE Marine aircrafts, the helicopter demonstration on the Circuit lake and the high-precision landing of GIGN (French gendarmerie intervention squad) bringing the Grand Prix trophy. Drones and helicopters in charge of filming and broadcasting the Formula 1 race were also in contact with the airport’s staff.

The weekend was intense for the airport’s team, who received many marks of satisfaction. The Formula 1 Air Operations manager said:
"The aircraft parking lot was perfectly situated, the staff was very kind and helpful, as well as the operations and security teams. Despite the difficulties to overcome with a very dense activity, everything’s running fine for us. The help from the staff was really appreciated. "

The Airport CEO, Stéphane Clair, also congratulated his teams:
"Congratulations to all, the success of the operations results from teamwork with the Circuit. The achievement of this 2019 French Formula 1 Grand Prix also comes through the missions accomplished by the airport staff."