Jul 2, 2015

Clement Fidrie detected and approved by Paul Ricard Circuit

The French School Karting of Circuit Paul Ricard, with the support of the CRK PACAC, created a very interesting operation to support young drivers competing. "Detection 7-10 years" on several criteria selects participants EFK eager to enter the race in Minikart. The speed but also the regularity and accuracy, ability to various sports workshops, used to classify the children aged 7 to 10 who haven't been member of FFSA or UFOLEP.

The selected driver benefits for the next season of coaching in the Regional Championship and Cup PACAC France Minikart. And Paul Ricard EFK doesn't play with words as it offers the winner the FFSA license, commitments, two training sessions, coaching and the free availability of a Minikart on racing program!  

Clement Fidrie was detected in 2014 and participates in the Regional Championship PACAC 2015 with his "coach" staff, Cyril Raymond, former kart driver and double Rallycross Champion of France.
Clement began in Minikart at 10 years old, which is not as early as his opponents, but already displayed a conscious lifestyle and an amazing ability to progress. In the French Cup of Minikart in Belmont, he qualified among 44 well experienced pilots before finishing in 17th place in the final, a great performance for a complete beginner!

This result provides a good evidence of the effectiveness of the program "Detection 7-10 years" from the EFK of Paul Ricard Track, both in terms of selections that as regards the competition structure in place. The 2015 session will be held in December, the information is located on the site of the EFK of Paul Ricard Track.

Source: FFSA