Mar 24, 2018

SUNDAY RIDE CLASSIC - March 24th & 25th 2018

Charged Entrance

The Sunday Ride Classic event is a big motorcycle festival and this 10th edition will be better with new races, new activities... and it will open the 2018 racing season of the Circuit Paul Ricard!

The "SRC" event is:

- motorcycle races (7 categories) 

- the new European Endurance Legend Cup championship (4-hour race)

- public exchange market

- the anniversary of the Ducati Monstro motorcycle and a dedicated parade on track

- testing of new motorcycles

- Laverda V6

- classic motorcycles show

- the 40th anniversary of the 6 cylinders Honda CBX

and all the great champions: Spencer, Wes Cooley and more surprises...


And for the first time a classic trial event : "Sunday Ride Trial Classic", with Thierry Michaud, 3-time World Champion and Charles Coutard! 

De belles motos mythiques, des pilotes célèbres, un pilotage d’une finesse remarquable, le trial avait toute sa place au sein de la SRC ! 

Official website:


1 day pass: €20
Weekend pass: €30
Camping area Pass: €15

Access to the event with 2018 season pass.


The best moments

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