Oct 7, 2017

REEBOK SPARTAN RACE - October 7th of 2017

Public access

Reebok Spartan Race is back in Circuit Paul Ricard on October the 7th of 2017 and offers you, for the first time, to race by night for it to be even more challenging and self-surpassing ! 

Each edition is unique, the Super and Sprint layouts between car track and scrubland offer an amazing view on the sea.

3 trails embellished with both constructed and natural obstacles. Run, jump, climb, crawl, all the competitors' strenghts and energies must be on hold ! 

This season, engage yourself on the first Spartan Sprint by Night - a european premiere ! Alone or with a team, come and take up the challenge, be on the strating block once the sun has set and discover a brand new path enlighted by you headlamp in the night's silence.

Different races :
Sprint : 6km, 20 obstacles, Super : 13km, 25 obstacles, Beast : 20km, 30 obstacles.

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- free access for the spectators
- parking rate :  5€
- free parking for motorbikes and season pass holders

- subscriptions to the races on the following website :

Please send your requests to Sophie Claudon-Courbon: