Dec 8, 2018

RALLYCIRCUIT - December 8-9th of 2018

Charged Entrance

The second edition of the RallyCircuit will be open to amateur and professional teams. This unrivalled and spectacular competition on Circuit Paul Ricard will mark the end of the sporting season for rally drivers but will also do much more. At the wheel of modern or historic rally cars, leading motorsports champions from a wide range of disciplines, accompanied by various personalities, will meet once again during this innovating event, combining all the advantages of a rally, but without the drawbacks.

RallyCircuit, the second of the name, is a competition but also a particularly special rallying environment to be lived to the fullest on Circuit Paul Ricard. During this weekend event, things will be happening all over the circuit: the “RallyCircuit Party", the RallyCircuit Christmas Villages, the “Karting Contest” go-cart races, an introduction to drifting, very special first steps in driving for children, everything needed to celebrate the year’s end holidays and enjoy life through the best of what motorsport has to offer.

Anthony Beltoise: “I'm going to be there for RallyCircuit 2018! “

The RallyCircuit organizers would like this motorsport show to become an essential rendezvous for December, putting passion and to feeling good in first place. Anthony Beltoise, race driver and test driver for the AutoMoto broadcast, caught the RallyCircuit virus: "We spent an extraordinary weekend there and had a great time, and I even improved my grades. I don't know whether I am going to do the Tour Auto but in any case I will be coming to RallyCircuit! “In my opinion, the organizers have succeeded in doing something really exceptional on a route which was not natural but which embodied all the essential "road driving” difficulties, and moving from the Driving Centre school circuit to the Circuit PaulRicard go-cart track harboured many a surprise ... “

Loeb, Muller, Comas and Guigou will also by back just for the pleasure

Sébastien Loeb, the winner of the first version of the RallyCircuit and nth time World WRC champion with Daniel Elena, is also an enthusiastic supporter of this race: “I thought it was great. It was an opportunity to get together again with the Sébastien Loeb Racing partners and enjoy things together. “

Yvan Muller, four-times WTCC World Champion said: “A super initiative to which I came more for pleasure than for absolute performance, even if we did not drag our heels! It's an occasion that deserves being encouraged because the event is well-designed and executed. “

Erik Comas, former Formula 1 driver enjoyed the Historic Competition Car races, eloquently praising the RallyCircuit, of which he was HCC winner: "Congratulations to Emma and Stéphane Clair for their first attempt which came very close to perfection. All the drivers enjoyed the combined route which was favourable to track drivers and rallymen alike.” “The concept of the RalyCircuit is to move towards the position that Supercross racing has compared to motocross racing, because it is at the meeting point of two worlds that are not always clearly understood. On the finishing line, there is only one winner, motorsport. “

Emmanuel Guigou, the French 2-wheel drive champion thinks: “I am very much in favour of RalyCircuit racing. What we were aiming at was to enjoy a weekend of battling together and of an outstanding race. And we did it! A great event and I will be back in 2018 “ •


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