Apr 29, 2017

PORSCHE SPRING MEETING - April 29th and 30th of 2017

Charged Entrance

The French Porsche Clubs Federation invites you to the 2nd edition of the PORSCHE-SPRING-MEETING, on the 5.8 km track on the April 29th and 30th week-end.The track lovers will be able to drive on the legendary track.

You can also enjoy the Bandol region and the Mediterranean Sea with friends and family.

This meeting is open to the whole Porsche Community. Driving sessions are planned for beginners as well as for experimented pilots.

A session will also be dedicated to Porsche Classics.

All the registered vehicules with documentation and road tires are allowed, slicks are forbidden.
Free driving, for leisure and not timed.

The T9 chicane in the Mistral straight line will be supressed for the last driving session (on saturday and sunday).
The sessions last 30 minutes. 
Instructors available - Steering instructors BPJEPS.

The Parade will be free and openned to all, on Saturday at 6:00 PM.

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