Sep 14, 2018

BOL D'OR - September 14-16th 2018

Charged Entrance

The 82nd edition of the most famous 24 hour motorcycle race, which has just recovered it's position as the opening leg of the 2018-2019 International Motorcycle Federation Endurance World Championship, will surely be just as exciting as the last one.

In front of 68,000 fans in September last year, the GMT94 Yamaha team celebrated its world title in genuine style at the 5.8 km Circuit Paul Ricard.  Having just been crowned Endurance World Champions in Japan, Christophe GUYOT's team won the 81st Bol d’Or with their riding team of David CHECA, Nicolo CANEPA and Mickael DI MEGLIO on their Yamaha YZR-R1.

The GMT94 Yamaha Team, but also Lucy Glôckner and her 989/1000ths

David, Nicolo and Mickael set such a pace that only 29 of the 59 qualified bikes actually made it to the finishing line.  Pushed so hard, nearly 50% of the entrants suffered from mechanical breakdowns, and a number of riders ran off the track. However Lucy Glöckner left a memorable mark on the end of the race. The German rider put on a show as she fought her way onto the podium and finishing 3rd with her BMW S1000RR ahead of the official Honda rider Sébastien Gimbert. At the end of the 24 hours, out of breathe after such an intense one-on-one battle, she only missed second place by 989/1000ths of a second.

Recor breaking : 200 teams in the three 2018 "Bol"s at the Circuit Paul Ricard

The 82nd Bol d’Or: 60 teams of three riders plus one substitute will enter the opening leg of the 2018-2019 International Motorcycling Endurance World Championships.

The Bol d’Argent: 70 teams of two riders will be on the starting grid of the 40th anniversary Bol d'Argent; the first of which saw the only ever career victory of the 6 cylinder Honda 1000 CBX.

Bol d’Or Classic: 70 teams of two riders will face each other on machines that wrote the history of world motorcycle endurance racing.

Entertainment for all

This year both young and old will get to live their enthusiasm for motorcycle racing to the full: starting with the Grand motorcycle festival, the constructors' Village, the Vintage and Classic Village, vintage bike shows, the Kids Village, the fun-fair, the mechanics shows, Parades, Concerts and DJ parties.

EXCEPTIONAL CONCERT with French rock band TRUSTon Saturday Sept. 15th from 21:30


Access with 2018 circuit's pass (annual pass at €145)

Application forms available from the web-site from 15 July.


The best moments

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