Sep 7, 2019


Fun Racing Cars weekends is all about pleasure, a warm and friendly atmosphere, plenty of driving and two monotype formula so that there is something for all tastes and all levels on the best tracks in France, including the Circuit Paul Ricard on 7 and 8 September.

The 2019 new school year at the Circuit Paul Ricard will be held on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September with a Fun Racing Cars weekend, the line-up of which will include no fewer than 50 cars, and there may even be as many as 80 vehicles in the hands of devoted gentlemen drivers.
The news of the year is the creation of the Ligier JS Cup

The arrival of the “Top Gun” drivers
While the European VW Fun Cup was preparing for its final 2018 event in Zolder, Belgium, the 2019 campaign was already on everyone’s minds: changes in the rules and the arrival of the Top Gun drivers.

In order to ensure the long-term future of the VW Fun Cup, Kronos Events has taken some radical but necessary decisions. The aim was to allow genuine amateur drivers, which form the very basis of the VW Fun Cup, and beginners to be again play a role and avoid teams of “VW Fun Cup professionals”.
Thus, leading drivers in the discipline have been brought together in a Top Gun list and, from this year, only one will be allowed per team of three drivers minimum.

For the 25 Hours VW Fun Cup, the rules will be adapted slightly with the possibility of including two Top Gun in a team of four drivers minimum.
The list of these drivers for 2019 has been analysed in detail and validated. It features 28 names.
With one nuance, nevertheless... A driver who has not yet driven in a VW Fun Cup must request classification. And a Committee comprising VW Fun Cup specialists will decide on this newcomer’s category.

Access: both days reserved for season ticket holders.

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