Sep 8, 2018

FUN CUP - September 8th & 9th of 2018

Private access

The FRC (Fun Racing Cars) Fun Cup and the Mitjet 2L Endurance Championships involve 60 Fun Cup cars for each 7 to 25 hour race and 30 Endurance 2L Mitjets for each 4 to 8 hour race on one of the world's most beautiful race tracks.

350 drivers, 75 Fun Cup and 30 Mitjet 2L Endurance vehicles

More than one hundred cars and 350 drivers brought together at the Mecca of French motor-racing, an exceptional line-up displaying all the quality of Fun Racing Cars. Its reputation and quality is due entirely to the drivers involved.

Not so much their actual performances behind the wheel, even if many of them are very talented when racing against the clock, but for their attitude and ever increasing numbers. It is not just the quantity that matters but the atmosphere on the track and in the paddock: this is the real strength behind these most enjoyable weekends.

Paddock access only for 2018 season ticket holders.